Street vs Medical Cannabis

Street vs Medical cannabis

The level of quality control and regularity, as well as the accessibility of cannabinoid content, such as THC and CBD, are the two key distinctions between street cannabis and medicinal cannabis. Because it is illegal to sell cannabis on the street, it is not regulated to safety or testing standards. In contrast, medicinal cannabis in Australia is strictly controlled to guarantee patient safety and product uniformity. Please keep in mind that medicinal cannabis solutions, including CBD-only products, that may be obtained online are unlawful since they do not adhere to Australian regulations.

The absence of quality control over street cannabis raises a variety of safety issues. The content of street cannabis is largely unknown without comprehensive lab testing in a licenced laboratory. As a result, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) concentrations may be substantially greater than predicted, raising the risk of severe consequences. Patients who seek THC-free goods are particularly concerned about items with unknown THC levels, since they may unwittingly fail medical examination for driving or job purposes.

Furthermore, street cannabis may include bacteria, pesticides, or other pollutants that might harm patients.

The term “street cannabis” refers to any substance that has not been examined in a lab and is not licenced by a medical regulatory organisation.

Medical cannabis treatment is subjected to stringent testing in Australia

Because of the Australian Government’s dedication to delivering a safe product to patients, Australia has some of the tightest quality regulations for therapeutic products in the world. Therapeutic Goods Order No. 93 (Standard for Medicinal Cannabis) requires that all medical cannabis therapies manufactured in Australia meet the stringent labelling and quality criteria (TGO 93). TGO 93 is a standard that establishes the minimal quality criteria for medicinal cannabis products and assures that they are free of pesticides, moulds, germs, heavy metals, and other impurities.

All Medbox Pharma products must meet TGO 93 prior to being allowed to the market and, as with any therapeutic item, may be subjected to inspection by the TGA, Australia’s regulatory body for therapeutic goods, to verify conformity with relevant standards.

Batch to batch Consistency

In Australia, medications have a precisely specified composition, and the TGA performs routine inspections of cannabis medicines to guarantee appropriate labelling.

We use Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) at Medbox Pharma to ensure that the cannabinoid level of THC and CBD in our offerings is constant in all different batches. This is especially crucial for individuals who are titrating their medication to an ideal dose. If the chemical makeup of the product is not consistent, patients will have to alter their dose with every new batch of medication they get, which may be annoying, costly, or dangerous if they ingest too much.