About The Medical Portal

A new Medical Portal for healthcare workers

Medbox Pharma is excited to announce the release of its new Medical Portal for medical professionals interested in learning more about medical cannabis.
Medbox Pharma has been aiding health care professionals with SAS B submissions to the TGA, instructional workshops, and resources for the last three years. We’ve compiled our aggregate expertise and material into an all-encompassing and user-friendly website.

The platform is a one-stop shop meant to help healthcare practitioners understand the regulatory environment and feel comfortable administering medical cannabis. Every feature and resource is readily available, and the Medbox Medical Team

Register for the Medical Portal to have access to the following resources:

  • Online RACGP course (s)
  • Information and research that is based on evidence
  • Prescription tools, how-to videos, and patient case studies are all available as resources.
  • Assistance with the application
  • Treatment plans and clinical rationale
  • Information about the product catalogue
  • Webinars and exclusive events