Find a Doctor

Option 1: We can assist you in locating a doctor

If you’d want us to get you a doctor, please contact us and we’ll contact you swiftly.

Simply complete the form on our Contact Us page and indicate that you need help finding a doctor near you.

Patients should be informed of the following facts before contacting us:

  • Medical cannabis can only be administered if you have a persistent medical condition that has been diagnosed.
  • When other treatments have proven ineffectual or poorly tolerated by the patient, or when the patient is in palliative or end-of-life care, this therapeutic option is often explored.
  • The following conditions are likely to exclude the use of medicinal cannabis: if you are pregnant or nursing, or if you have a record of psychotic illness.

Option 2: Let us help you find the doctor

Allow us to assist you in locating a list of doctors that are willing to discuss medicinal cannabis.

Patients should be aware that before speaking with a new doctor about medical cannabis, they should first examine this possibility with their treating GP or speciality medical practitioner.

Your current treating physician should have a thorough awareness of your medical issues as well as accessibility to your medical records. If you apply to the TGA, you may be required to submit information about your medical records.

However, because medical cannabis is a comparatively recent healthcare therapy alternative for Australian physicians, some experts may lack the experience or are a bit hesitant to prescribe it. Because the majority of medical cannabis products are currently unregistered, the regulatory structure imposes different, and typically more difficult and time-consuming standards than any of those relevant to TGA-approved and established goods.

What to bring to your appointment

If you see a new doctor, you must share the following details with them so that they can assess your fitness for medical cannabis as a therapeutic option:

  • Prior medical history.
  • Previously used drugs (for this same condition).
  • Make a list of all of your current drugs.
  • Prior medical background and diagnostic summary (eg high blood pressure, asthma etc).

It is advised that you bring this information with you to your consultation, which you may obtain from your current practise or medical centre.