Vision, Values and Mission

Changing the lives of patients

We intend to push continued research, while also educating the masses about medicinal cannabis on account of providing quality care to patients, enhancing the lives of medical professionals, and the larger community, as well as into novel delivery systems to optimize dose amounts and, eventually, generate more effective solutions for patients.
Medbox Pharma aspires to create focused and natural pharmaceutical solutions that enhance the lives of patients by synchronizing nature and science together.

A major provider of medicinal cannabis to both domestic and international markets

Furthermore, our objective is to become a leading Australian distributor of medical-grade cannabis medications to Australian, European, and other global markets, therefore improving the lives of people worldwide.

Our culture and values

Our values form our culture and guide our team in all that we do. They are what we represent and govern our behaviour, attitude, and ability to carry out our goals and vision.

Medbox Pharma is guided by the following five values:

  • Integrity
  • High standards
  • Creation
  • Persistence
  • Determination