Why Medbox Pharma

We are reshaping nature’s medicine

Australia’s highest quality medical cannabis products are grown on its own soils.


Patients’ concerns are a priority at Medbox Pharma, and they drive our emphasis on delivering a variety of affordable, natural therapeutic options here and throughout the world.

Medbox Pharma also collaborates directly with healthcare professionals to help them with medical cannabis product usage, saving patients time and resources.

Australia’s market leader

We were among Australia’s first medical cannabis enterprise to produce locally cultivated medicinal-grade cannabis products.

Medbox Pharma is a flexible organisation with a track record of adapting and succeeding in a dynamic, fast-paced medical cannabis market setting.

High quality medical cannabis

The Office of Drug Control (ODC) and the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in Australia have implemented some of the world’s harshest cannabis cultivation and processing rules. Our medicinal cannabis products are made in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) guidelines and are subjected to critical Australian quality standards.


Medbox Pharma wants to advance a variety of clinical programmes and investigate different drug provision technologies with the goal of providing any ensuing medicines through the SAS-B approval procedure and maybe the drug registration procedure. The organisation plans to:

  • Continue R&D of its liposomal tiny particle technology and patented specification.
  • Investigate new formulations that use the ARISE technology.
  • Continue R&D of other provision techniques with the goal of determining supplementary patentable innovations.

GMP-certified manufacturing plant

Medbox Pharma has an exclusive arrangement for product manufacturing at a TGA GMP-certified production plant, which is required for Australian medical cannabis manufacturers in order to market medicinal cannabis products in Australia and internationally.